Gay Shit Daddy

Mistress Gaia – Eat My Caviar Scat

CUSTOM REQUEST – You lead your slave on all 4s on a leash into the room. At the beginning he must lick your boots and you slap his face and spit into his mouth/face. Then you make turn around and you defecate into a bowl/plate. The slave must turn around again and he must kneel before you, with his upper body straight up. You command him to hold the bowl with his hands in front of his chest and you start to feed him your caviar with a spoon. Now and then you feed him some caviar with your gloved hand. Next you order him to put the bowl/plate on the ground and you sit down in front of him and step into the caviar with the sole of your boot commanding him to lick the sole completely clean, you repeat this for some time. While he licks your boots you occasionally slap his face and spit into his mouth/face.

Honey Brown’s Time Of The Month Dumps!!!

ItÂ’s that Time of the Month for Honey Brown, and as before, usually leads to some of her best and FUNKIEST clips!! My favorite Milf is back once again with another FUNKY feature. Enjoy four hot new clips as she pees and plops, this time from the comfort of home. Well actuall the uncomfort, as see she gotta keep this thing of ours under wraps from her wife. SHHHH!! Honey Brown is our little secret, and lets keep her that way!! Three great new clips, asn she pees then delivers the big splashers she is known for in the final two clips.

Adelina Frau – Live Toilet

I love to shit in slave mouths! In this video there is a live toilet, which I use for his purpose. It’s eating my shit! I shit him directly in the mouth, stuff everything inside. Nasty smell in his mouth spreads to his nose. He loves it so much. Afterwards I just sit on his face with my big shitty ass. He must swallow all my shit, otherwise he will suffocate …

Goddess Serves Her Domestic Slave Sweet Shit

We are given the chance to see the inside of the living room of a mistress goddess where her primary method of control is scatology. The living room appears much like many across the world except her carpet is covered with plastic to avoid any damage to her carpet and to make sure her domestic slave in training has a nice smooth surface to eat his feed off. She squats over him and delivers chunks of shit onto the her slaves face and into his mouth. He is still in training and allows some shit to drop on the floor. On hands and knees he feeds on the golden nuggets in much the same way as a dog would feed from a bowl. He is a dog to his goddess mistress and he, like every faithful dog obeys her every command.