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Dine And Dump 5

ORDER:I would like to request a custom video, for a dine and dump video of fast food eating, like KFC and for the dumping portion I would like it to be on floor from a between the legs position and with a wide shot to see a facial perspective while pushing it out and to be in the nude while pushing it out.

My Roommate And I!

I was so horny all day, I can’t help but reach inside my panties and play with my clit. My roommate walks in and berates me for not joining her in on the fun. I make amends by pulling her into my bed and making out with her. I pushed a squirt bottle up her ass to give her an instant enema. Moments later, she shits on the bed, shit that we can share later on.

Blue Man Poop

These little blue men thought they were strong enough to catch my load of shit, but NO! They caught the first few drops of poop, but soon they were overwhelmed by my nasty dark shit and they fell over and I proceeded to push out the rest of my load all over them! Going to have to find some better slaves to handle this shit next time …