Gay Shit On Guy

4 Shit’s Bombs Are Falling Into Mouth

4 Shit’s bombs are falling into mouth. A favorite way for girls to use a toilet is to use the fixed head of a toilet slave with opened mouth. This time I had to fully experience this method on myself. I was completely immobilized, I could not stand against. My head was under the toilet seat. I was alone in the room, and I waited with excitement for someone to enter the room, sit on the toilet chair, and I will have seen Mistress¬ís ass above me. Girls began to enter the room one by one to use the toilet. Four portions of shit hit me in the mouth. Good boy! – Mrs. Karina told me, which was the last. And I was left alone again with a taste of shit and urine in my mouth.

The Measure P2 Hd Version

Now he has to swallow the shit. We stuff the toilet slave the shit deep into his mouth. So that he can swallow better, we still spit and piss additionally in his mouth.

Take A Sip, Loser!

On my way to the bound slave, my boots become dirty. All the dust from the street must be swept away by my slaves tongue. *smile* After that, he gets a glass cone in his mouth, so he must swallow my golden shower. The idiot chokes on it and some of the pee comes on my trousers. Now I was angry and let him feel that! Do better next time! Loser!