Gay Shit Themselves

Full Scat Play With Scat Goddess

Today Scat Goddess was again in a great mood, She call her human toilet boy to use his mouth for defecate there. He was waiting his meal in bathtub and he was very happy when Goddess fill his mouth with her huge shit turds. He love Scat Goddess because she use her tehnique and play with her shit in his potty mouth after she release her kaviar. She adore to see her pathetic toilets how they lost their humanity and become only mouths who eat and swallow her shit all the time ! She push her shit deep into his mouth, make her human toilet dirty and see how obedient he is while eating her Kaviar. This happens when slaves are hungry and kept for days without divine shit in their stomach. This movie was recorded from side of action with video camera

Scat Package P2

Lady Missy has resolved that the toilet slave has to eat the whole portion of shit. So he is bottled from her without mercy. With nipple torture and verbal humiliation he swallows then all the shit. She wraps his head in foil and pinches strong in his nipples. Her face is apparently that she enjoys to treat the slave in this way.

Big Shit Sausage For The Slave! Toilet Slave Meal! Part 1

Here you can see how I shit for the slave, a big shit sausage in a bowl, and pee in the bowl! The slave had subsequently, to lick my shit smeared asshole clean before he must swallowed my shit and piss, out of the bowl,

Wow Is That Hard

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