Gay Shit Videos

Staycee Big Poo Out Of The Ass..

plus another girlfriend with hot sunglasses doing a great poo!

Sugar Daddy Eats Fresh Shit!

This sweet girl of his is a total bitch; when she wants something, she wants it now and there will be hell to pay if she didn’t get it! Right now she wants to try something disgusting – she wants to shit on his face or else! The poor man has no choice but to give in, she can easily walk out and peddle her sweet ass to other guys! So he meekly lies down on the floor and lets her squat, sans panties, above his face. He can see her tight little anus contracting, slowly ejecting shit out. After a few moments, a couple of chunks fell out of her ass right into his open mouth. He has no choice but to chew and swallow what his sweet girl dumped on his face!

Pooping On A Glass Table!

This is my first clip pooping on a glass table and it’s everything I was hoping for! Watch me straddle a glass coffee table and lower my red panties to shit out a nice one just for you 😉 After pooping, I start to play with the load on the glass and eventually pick it all up from the table to play with it in my hands…so hot!!! I give you guys 2 camera views: A back shot showing my ample ass as I shit, and a shot from beneath the glass which shows you the poop splattering on the glass! It also gives a wonderful view of me smearing my shit on the glass…you don’t wanna miss this one!