Gay Shits While Getting Fucked

Human Toilet By The Shooting

I need to pee urgently, and we are in the middle of shooting. So I just call a slave over and have him lay down and be my toilet. He is doing well, because I can pee non stop. When I am done, a lot of pee is on the floor, so I have him start zipping the rest. To make it more delicious, I spit in the pee for him to drink.

Sugar Daddy Eats Fresh Shit!

This sweet girl of his is a total bitch; when she wants something, she wants it now and there will be hell to pay if she didn’t get it! Right now she wants to try something disgusting – she wants to shit on his face or else! The poor man has no choice but to give in, she can easily walk out and peddle her sweet ass to other guys! So he meekly lies down on the floor and lets her squat, sans panties, above his face. He can see her tight little anus contracting, slowly ejecting shit out. After a few moments, a couple of chunks fell out of her ass right into his open mouth. He has no choice but to chew and swallow what his sweet girl dumped on his face!

Mistress Gaia – Shit Licker Slave

CUSTOM REQUEST – You are fully naked and only wear sneakers/sandals and a very small g-string. Then you show your beautiful body to the camera, from your shoes to your face. You spit on your sneaker/sandal and the slave is licking it up. After that the slave worship your feet. Then you pee in a bowl and the slave has to lick/drink it up. Now you put your sneaker/sandals on your feet. You put the sole of your sneaker/sandal in the scat and the slave has to lick it up. After that you put the sole in the scat for another time and smear the scat in the face of the slave. So, now he has to clean the soles of your shoes for the second time. Now you pick up the scat with your hands and smear the scat in his face, in its hair, mouth and nose. You have to laugh to him, because he looks very stupid. Maybe you can give him a scat handjob?

Shit, Piss And Slave Used As Toilet Paper! Mega Low-sale Clip!

Here you can see a Mega Low-Sale Clip from the Full Movie: Toilet slaves meal! In this saving clip, you see how the slave, a bowl, holds under my pussy and I piss into the bowl! And then he had to hold the bowl, under my ass and I then a big, fat shit-sausage, in this poop. After that the slave had to serve me as a living toilet paper and had to lick my asshole clean. The liquid manure of shit and piss, I then pour, the slave, into his mouth and he had to swallow as well as eat, the liquid manure!