Gay Slave Eat Shit Of Gays

Eat Horse Shit P5

In the last phase, the toilet slave is again humiliated and laughed at. He has to lubricate his face with horse shit and lick the boots of the two Scatqueens clean. There’s a lot of shit on it. Miss Betty spits on her riding boots before.

Scat Mix 1

All of tall long legged Rachels scat clips for one low price!!!

User Request Shit In Jeans Nen Megakackhaufen

Sooo, now the time has come, your wish is my command 🙂 Have a pair of jeans on, put me in the shower and then, I’ll just go shit! Of course you see first nothing, except the bump that forms on my ass 😉 Then I pull the jeans down slowly on my butt .. the rest you can make yourself look as follows .. still so much!