Gay Tickle Feets Ockspiss

We’ll Cruel Toilet Mistresses

My slut Angelica came to visit me, we had fun with a slavegirl, fucked her, tied his balls to the bench,and tied his hands, I fucked him with a strap-on, but he doesn’t know that I planned to train him to the toilet,first let him suck a dirty dick,then I’ll teach him to eat my shit and slaves, then eat his own shit.We’re gonna have a good time and humiliate this thing.

Stinky Poop Sniffing

sniffing my stinky poops just turns me on massive and let me explode

Poop In The Bathtub

Today my mature wifes makes a lot of poop in the bathtub full of water. Then she massages her legs with shit.

Shitting On The Toilet Seat, No 3 Of 5 For User

So, this is a bold number 3 of 5 for my users 🙂 I am squatting backwards on the closed toilet seat and then … then I bullshit going on, tear apart my ass cheeks so you can see my shit better 🙂 The pile piles up between my legs on .. and at the end I go again get close so you can see everything .. just before it lands in the Tupperware