Gay Turd Eaters

Mistress Annalise – Big Shit Dinner Hd 1920×1080

I walked the slave around the room on a leash. He obediently obeyed my orders. He did not know that I made dinner for him. He took a plate and I shit there. Long fragrant shit came out of my ass hole. The slave must eat all my shit, otherwise it would be a month without my shit. I know that he likes to be my toilet and teased him, from which he got even more pleasure. Now, stupid slave, I’ll take you to the toilet – there’s your place, until tomorrow you’ll be there.

Mistress Roberta – Delicious Poop For Breakfast Is Served-pov

This morning you will get an delicious full toilet of shit and pee and you also get to see me doing it fresh for you just to water your mouth while waiting !

Human Public Toilet Volume 9

A very flaky delivery of shit from this schoolgirl into the mouth of the human toilet. The best part of this visit is we see the perfect asshole of the schoolgirl slowly expand as her shit reveals itself from her internal anal tract.

Burrito Shits

I take a big, long, stinky shit.