Gay Wet In Pee


Oxana is loading wet with messy shit sexy spandex tights!

202. Big Shit

202. This is my BIG SHIT of the 1 st July 2015. So, it is so fresh, and so warm, and so smelling…. but you can not taste it if you will not come here by me in Sardinia for yours holidays! Unluckly there is no slave to eat it, but my shit was so hard and beautifull that i decide to do a clip when i do it. Yhe SHIT is from a ‘Risotto alla Milanese bianco’, i like to kook it, that means white rice Milaneense receipt, with onoin (White onions), PARMIGIANO, olive oil, may be some butter. I kook very well, all my european slaves love my dishes, the day before and… the day after, when they can taste the same speciallity directly from my ass. MP4. Enjoy to think you are here to eat it!!!!! I’m shitting and peeing in this clip, ALL TOGETHER!

Piss And Play

I pee in a key and next * grin * then I’ll play with the piss and pour it over my t – shirt. I rub my pussy until I get a hot finish.