Gay Wink Toilet Piss Cat

Male Employee Ravaged By Female Coworkers! He Has To Drink Piss! – Full Movie

At the end of their shift, a group of female office workers make their way to the locker room to change in preparation to leave. While they are half-naked, they spot a man who is sneaking inside! Immediately, the women drag him out and into the boss’ office who is also a woman! Unfortunately for him, he isn’t just going to get a reprimand! At first, he is stripped of his clothes and gets a leash secured around his neck! He is then made to lick the shoes of the boss like a dog! Though, it doesn’t take long before the woman stands up and invites a couple of female workers into her office to aid her in her punishment! What the group does is barrage the victim with a series of hits until he is rolling all over the floor in pain and agony! A bowl filled with food is then placed next to him which gets soaked in their piss! Shortly after, he has to consumer everything, only being allowed to walk away from the punishment when the bowl is completely spotless!

Bottom Line We Shit You Eat

Girls uses Man

Miss Cinnamon Serves Up A Huge Pile Wmv

The toilet is served up a huge pile of steamy logs from shit queen Miss Cinnamons beautiful ass. One of the largest shit piles the toilet has had so far. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad and Iphone/Ipod formats.