Gays Shitting

Mistress Gaia And Her Personal Wc

Let me introduce my personal human toilet! No one eats more shit than him, he is my personal WC and he is only mine! After having made him lick the soles of my shoes, look how he eats all my shit and how I insert in his mouth all the pieces of shit drop to the ground: because nothing goes to waste! At the end, I piss and spit into his mouth, while he masturbates. A curiosity: my shit, this time, is bi-color… eh eh eh eh

Godess Wrote With Shit On Slave Body

Today godess were in a great mood and want to humiliate her slave again. She thinking to write on his body with her shit and for that she eat a lot last night. After a mouthfull of piss drinking (all drink by toilet slave) the Godess just order to her slave to open his fucking dirty mouth and keep it open wide until she will fill it with a hot Diarrhea and shit. After that she put a glove on her hand and keep pushing her shit deep into her s;ave mouth to arrive in his stomach. She was so happy and she wrote on her personal slave with her shit SLAVE. Soon mistress received a toilet chair and she will make many movies standing on her chair, to be relaxed when she shits Big meals for her slaves. From today you will find our mixes from our movies in our other store named EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS and you can buy those mixes from there. Hope you will buy them all because they contain only the scat part and scat after scat action from our best movies !!!

Scat Meal In Lobby

Mistress use my mouth to empty her bladder then she fill it with hot shit. After that she make me eat most of all until i beg her to let me cumm !!