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Training To Obedient Slaves Step 5: Humiliation

After 4 steps of the slave education follows in the 5th and last part of the slave training in the SM Studio Femdom Empire the absolute humiliation as Ladies Toilet. It is the will of the object to break and educate him to an obedient servant who swallows the divine pee of his mistress Dominatrix Lady Vampira and licks the dirty feet clean. While the submissive sow rolls under Domina Lady Vampira in the piss, he gets the barefoot foot job once again the chance for a cumshot, but fails and is penalized with a strong kick in the balls!

New Toilet Slave

A new slave is being taught as a toilet slave. In the beginning he balks something, after a few hard slaps he goes into the bathroom. Brav he sits down on the floor and willingly opens his mouth. The steaming shit of the mistress slides slowly into his mouth and down the throat. The slave has difficulty swallowing everything, so the mistress smears the rest in his face.


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