German Couple Liquid Shit

Sucked The Shit Covered Dick

I shit my husband on the tail this time it is very thick and can hardly be spread on the tail. This time I wanted to go one step further and blow the tail

Hurry Up!

Oh my god… I’ve just come into the bathroom with my medical endoscope … I’m getting the dress … point the endoscope on my ass and … a huge asshole is coming out! Watch it! I sit on the water and push it out … a sea of soft shit … and for 7 minutes you will be near to the screen and my ass to look very close what comes out!

One By One They Drowned Him In Their Piss! – Part 1

A dozens of nasty Mistresses and a slave who is strapped up on the ground, wrapped up in foil so he cannot move his arms and a bowl over his head where the Mistress has placed him to receive their discharge! They then took it one by one to piss on vunerable slave until the bowl is almost full and the slave’s head is drowning in the Mistresses piss! What a joy to watch!

Wide Piss Compilation!

Here you can see a compilation of my hot piss wide actions. Here I pee 12 times from the High-arc and ultra-wide outdoor and Public. Just in time for the wide-piss-Outdoor Challenge, on Saturday, where I compete against other girls! The videos, from the wide Piss Challenge you can soon see here and see who won!