German Eat Poop

Best Compilation Pooping From Alina. Only Pooping 10 Videos. Part 1

Best compilation pooping from Alina. Only pooping 10 videos. Part 1

Mistress Rosella! Living Toilet Filled With Shit, Piss And Spit!

Here lay the next toilet slave under my toilet chair, and had to serve me as a living toilet! He lay under my horny asshole and I have him, a big shit sausage, shitting into his mouth! Also I spit and pissed in his mouth.too! He had to swallow everything, and I only let him go after he had swallowed all my delicacies! And you can see it all from 3 camera perspectives!



Mistress Gaia – Enjoy Your Meal, Shit!

Hello slave … starts from my beautiful feet … begin to lick and clean them thoroughly because soon you will have to clean up my ass.Look what I made for you … a delicious lunch, enjoy your meal, slave!