German Eats Shit

Fresh Pasta With Shit

My slave is having a very special Breakfast today. I made him macaroni in shit today. He ate the shit out of my ass, and now I’m gonna make him a special meal. Soft crackling shit curls up on top of pasta, smells great! Come on, my shit-eater, it’s all for you, your Mistress tried. Open your shitty mouth like this! Time after time, more and more shit is swallowing your belly. You eat a lot more before Breakfast is over! Pour the pasta with the ketchup shit, what a wonderful flavor! Chew, swallow, stay focused! Today you eat my shit enough!

Sinnamon Is Splactackular!!

Good lawd, I just want to thank Sparkle for bringing her homegirl into the fold!!! Enjoy a new quartet of clips from Sinnamon as she lets rip at home and at her job!! This sexy caramel honey was really getting a load off her shoulders!! enjoy as she pees and plops out some solid relief! She is shy like her homegirl was at first, but watch as she continues to open up to us all!! Another great find for the site!!! Seriously I lost count of all the plops in this clip.



Karey, Chelsea And The Toilet Slave

Girls uses man as her Toilet