German Girl Pooping And Peeing

Big Shitty Ass In Slave’s Stupid Mouth!

Stupid slave, you can’t resist this REALY BIG ass, can you? I know you’re still desperate and want a more punishment – although unconditionally it’s become a reward for you, my TOILET. I’m lavishly peeing at your face, stupid loser. And I pushing a huge shit in front of you and made you sniff it. Are you lacks the smell of that stinky shit? You can only sniff and lick my beautifull ass, loser, you’re still never getting that ass. I will use you only as a toilet, nothing else. Sniff away and thank me for even letting you see my exquisite shit, loser.

Mistress Emily – Shit Devotion

Okey, my scat boy, show everyone what you are worth. Lie down on the floor in my bathroom and lick my sweet legs. After maybe I’ll reward you with a delicious dinner for good obedience. Lick my asshole while I groan for pleasure. Put your tongue in my ass. I LOVE it when you do it, my toilet. Now open your mouth wider. As I promised, I will reward you with a delicious dinner right from my ass. A huge long shit falls into your mouth. Then again and again. Oh, I finished shit. Did you like it? I will spit in your mouth. Now you must swallow my shit along with my spit. Come on, lie down, I’ll show everyone your fucking mouth before you start eating my shit.

Ms D’s Ass Is Rotten!!

Good Lawd the Noises coming out of all this womans holes never cease to amaze me!! I swear if she unleashed some of these sounds and smells around my grandma she would tell her ‘Something crawled up in you and died!!’ Enjoy as Ms D Unleashes and Endless Stream of power pissing, Farts, Sharts and giant plops from that giant azz!!! This 5’10’ Amazon woman is still queen of the concrete jungle!! Don’t forget about her sexy groans, grunts and strains as she tries to get it all out as well! Another GPS fartathon from MS D!!!

Tall Rachel Fills The Slaves Mouth 720p

Brunette amazon Rachel drops a nasty load straight in the human toilets open mouth. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.