German Girl Shit Eat

Shit Reward For Slave

Usually, before stuffing a slave with my shit, I command him to lick my pussy and my asshole, that I will be emotionally ready and relaxed. With enough good lighting, you can see a close-up – I fill the slave’s mouth with shit and at the same time make him to drink my pee. All this comes out simultaneously and drops drip right down my shit and fall into the throat. In order not to feel discomfort and unpleasant odor, I make the slave to swallow quickly. He realizes that he is JUST a TOILET for me and I will use his mouth later again.

Hot Dirty Talk And Shitting

In my sexy Tangas and High Heels i make you so very horny…..with my Dirty Talk you are must wix your dick!! Then you can so good see my Rosette,the camera Position are POV…..Come lick my Rosette when the shit comes!! I must a little shit,but the Dirty Talk is very very hot for you!!come inhaler Candys Rosette!!

Golden Shower 14

Powerfull Pee ActionSlave Joschi misses bizarre Lady Jessica a golden shower in the bathtub in the true sense of the word. The Pissing-Queen pees it directly over the head to and Joschi orders to wash the hair with its piss. Of course without shampoo. Joschi then washes thoroughly the face and the hair with the piss, it rubs the piss onto the scalp correctly deeply. The divine empress still says to it: ‘This is good against lice!’