German Nurse Pissafternoon

Shit On It P1

Mistress Michelle, Lady Angie and Lady Katharina treat the stupid slave. They pull a bag over his head, which takes his breath away. They torture his nipples with clamps and whip, spit in his mouth. Then Mistress Michelle pisses the slave in his mouth. He can not swallow that fast. So he has to lick the ground on all fours.

Scat Package P2

Lady Missy has resolved that the toilet slave has to eat the whole portion of shit. So he is bottled from her without mercy. With nipple torture and verbal humiliation he swallows then all the shit. She wraps his head in foil and pinches strong in his nipples. Her face is apparently that she enjoys to treat the slave in this way.

Kimiko Poop

A big poop from the front. (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)

My Mistress’s Shit!

My Mistress is not just a hot tamale, she is also a hardcore scat fetishist! I get paid to take all the piss, shit, puke, and other disgusting fluids that come out of her body! She squats over my face and empties her bladder all over me! Afterwards, she starts to eject watery scat that I’m suppose to drink and smear all over my face.