German Pee Hairy Arab Cubbt

Girls Shitwall Part 5 Miranda

That is the most Humilliating yet !!! Girls sitting on a Wall that retains the Slave. He has to stay there until all the Girls are done cleaning their Feet with his Tounge then Shit into his Mouth and feeding him with their Feet. The Girls don’t take much Notice of him under them, except the one that is using him at that Moment. Maybe one of the nicest Movies we made. For you to decide !English Subtitles

Scat Dinner!

I have a nice dinner table set up for you as I try to poop out a tasty log for your dining pleasure! But Oh no…all I do is shart and poop out a tiny pebble 🙁 Not to worry…I come back later and the shit just flows out onto the dinner plate and I also get to pee in the glass for you 😉 And wow! what a big turd it is…bon appétit!


Victoria is hot running shit in the sexy orange jeans;)