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Lady M Facesitting And Kaviar Feeding

Lady M wanna shit again. Every morning is like a ritual for her. She call her toilet in the morning to catch her turds:) Then she feed him to destroy his will. Soon all her personal toilets will become just human toilets, for her dirty pleasures ! Today she facesitting, ballbusting her toilet before she feed him her turds. Movie was recorded with 2 same cameras, from 2 different angles, here is just 1 angle, on slave shop u will find another angle with pussy shots also.

Princess Mia And Stella

Mia called her friend Stella to mock the slave.The girls stamp the slave with their feet, they smoke and spit on the slave. Mia strangles the unfortunate slave with her ass, and at this time Stella kicks hard the ribs of the slave. The girls laugh at this worm. Mia continues to sit on his face, and Stella torments and tramples the body. Now it is the turn of the slave to eat the crap of his mistresses. Mia places shit in his open mouth, itÂ’s not a mouth but a toilet bowl now. Mia goes for a walk with her friend and the slave is left to eat her tasty shit.

Hot Chair And Hot Poop Part 1

Girls uses Man

Surprise Surprise!

I have to poop (yeah, what else is new, lol) and I was thinking of giving you guys a little surprise…not revealing much but it’s sexy!!!