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Mistress Roberta -spoon Feeding After Serving -fulfarting Before Strong Shit Play Part 1

Today my pot will get a bit of farting in order to wait for his meal and some facesitting the two things he lovs so much being under my ass and smell and eat what ever comes out and after some time farting and sitting on his face i decide to pee on his body and shit in his mouth .

Mistress Roberta – Poop With Farts For Breakfast-pov

Today i fart in the same time i poop and you should stay so near my ass untill you can catch my shit in your mouth and smell my farts just the time they come out splashing your face with shit pieces is a nice view for your breakfast today slave so enjoy your breakfast.

Mistress Roberta – Hand Feeding From Bowl-pov

Today slave i have a great feeding day for you because it’s starting with farting and having a nice small iron bowl just the right size for the shit i do today and after i shit inside it and fill it with creamy diarrhea i put the glove on one hand and start feeding you by hand .The poop is so creamy and smelly it will be an delice for you my toilet slave. So enjoy and bon apetit.

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The shy but very hot red haired Beatrise takes of her clothes just for you. Come watching her! When totally naked she sits down in the bathtub and needs to pee. The golden liquid flows right into the bathtub to her feet. After finishing her job she starts cleaning her pussy. You like watching her doesn’t you?