German Piss And Cumraining

Chieko Bombs Away

A nice and solid poop from an elevated height!

Buy My Poop Loser

Hungry Toilet. My delicious poop for my faithful slaves! You ask me to send you shit by mail. Well, it’s easy to do. If you want a lot of shit, I’ll fulfill your desire, loser. I’ll put my big turds in a jar and send it to you. Wait time is 3 weeks before shipping due to demand! Your order will be mailed in the order it was received ? Enjoy my Shit! It smells good. Bon Appetit ?

Desperate Panty Poop

This is a desperation and panty pooping video. I am trying to get into the bathroom but the door is jammed. I shout and pull on the door as hard as I can because i’m getting desperate, and not for a pee! I pull on the door, grunting with the effort, hop around, jumping up and down holding my ass in desperation. Eventually I realise it’s going to come out whether I get into the bathroom or not, so I give up and just let it happen. A big, smelly log comes out and fills my panties, making me moan with a mixture of relief and disgust. I leave it there for a minute, holding my ass, and eventually I take the panties off, holding the poo in my hands. I act with disgust, holding the log away from me and scrunching up my nose at the smell. I spread my cheeks and look down at the big brown mess covering most of my ass, all rubbed into my skin. I am so embarrassed, it’s so gross!

Smearing Shit On My Butt!

I ate so much last night I just know this is going to be a humongous shit! Come see me climb on my bed and get on my hands and knees to poop out an endless stream of creamy poop. I them grab a handful and start smearing my delicious poo all over my ass cheeks…so sexy!