German Piss Drinkable

Bikini Pissing & Wetting

Watch me wetting my pink swim suit bikini.High heels on as well. Starts with a teasing and a bit of dancing, then a close up of me squatting with my legs wide open and wetting the bikini a lot…and at the end…a huge spurt of my golden nectar:)))

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Diary On Potty Chair -pov

Today is my second day of toilet diary on potty chair, the shit came out very fast pushed out by the farts and the pee followed and today is a creamy consistency of the shit not strong anymore but creamy so enjoy.

Kimiko’s Relief

Dropping a big pile with a sigh of relief. (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)

Sweetbabies Toilet

Sweetbaby just wanted to go to the toilet, but she catches the slave in there using our toilet! So she had no mercy for him. Instead of the toilet she peed in his mouth. After that, the slave must clean the ground and her boots with his tongue.