German Vintage Peeamateur

Mistress Gaia – Flush

CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like you to start by entering the bathroom to relieve yourself. You lower your underwear and sit on the toilet, You have a magazine and begin to read it. After a few seconds you are there in the bathroom, you realize you are being spied upon. You then say to me some phrases… what the fuck Fabio do you look at me while I’m shitting? You’re just a fucking pervert You then allow me to look, because you know that I like watching as you do everything in the toilet…

Two Nurses Fill A Man’s Stomach With Their Piss! – Part 3

The ladies continue thrusting their pussies back and forth on the manÂ’s mouth! After a while, they get off of him, but only to piss on his face again! Apparently, their bladders have rejuvenated its contents! In the effort of the victim to grasp for air, he opens his mouth, causing him to swallow another series of mouthfuls of the sweetheartsÂ’ piss!

Totally Bottled With Piss

A user wanted to be filled with piss completely. Rosella and I were happy to follow this wish. A true flood of pee spilled into his mouth. And best of all: he swallowed everything well. Had it been otherwise, he would have been threatened with a penalty for wastage.


Oxana is hot pooping in sexy shine tights for you!