Gets Pissed Off And

Upskirt Pissing

Sensual strptease from an upskirt point of view. Golden shower from an upskirt point of view – just like I am pissing right on your face!

Evil Sis Make Slave Eat Shit! – Part 2

The girls take turns squatting and unloading shit on his face, which they order him to eat at once. They walk around him and lightly whips his body, making him beg for their mercy.

Golden Shower As A Punishment

Well there is something wrong Donna Nora indeed, the naughty slave steals no clocks, but jobs. But Donna Nora does not care and the first time dominatrix piss the thieves belong fully.

Kinky Lisa First Shit And Puke

Kinky Lisa is our new shiting starlett. She was a litlle nervous first time shiting in fornt of a cam. First she try and try but can not shit. She goes to the bathroom put some water in her yummy ass hole and push it all back in a bowl. Lisa come back with the bowl and feed the slave with her yumy shit soup with nice pices of shit. And for desert she pukesin the bowl. what a dinner eat it up slave!