Getting Her Jeans Pee Pants Public

Renee’s Rock Candy!!

Renee is one of my favorites!!! I show enjoy the solid collection of solids she consistently produces!!! This cutie unleashes a consistent barrage of “heavy sinkers”!!! Enjoy some more backsplashing logs. Then enjoy in one scene as she releases some Rock candy into a container to ship to one of her fans!! Seriously if you enjoy your treats from the ladies, she is one to collect!! Another great set from Renee!!

Huuuge Pile

For several days I had not gone to the toilet and it really was a decent amount accumulated in my cute little belly! Everything must come out! Moaning and groaning I press and squeeze the last bit out of my tight butt hole. And onto all that came out, we have a nice look together closely. High water in the toilet bowl – also! 🙂

Blonde College Girl Barbie Shitting In The Toilet

Blonde college girl Barbie shitting in the toilet