Getting Shit On

Best Meal For My Toilets

Mistress was alone today and she have a hugeee Diarrhea inside her. She was thinking that is a good time to prepare a nice succulent meal for her first toilet who will arrive and eat. She wear a lack catsuit, crotchless one, black, and she put het toilet chair in the middle of the room and relaxing. She first fill the bowl with 1-2 liters piss then she release a nasty Diarrhea and fill the bowl at maxximum. Bon apetite toilets !

White Jeans Totally Bugger Off And Orgasm

Have my white tight jeans pissing extreme,so much piss! I was so horny and have my piss cunt fingered until I come superhot!!

35cm Turd Coming Out…

That was an incredible scene, a soft a 35 cm long turd coming out of Silvias ass!! – Unbelievable woman, unbelievable shitscene…

Pee Shower Plus Extra

Kinky pees in a cup then pours it on herself then gives an extra gift.