Gf Shits On Bf

The Destiny Of The Slave Invited To Coffee

This clip is a clip answer to a question of one of Mistress Melissa’s slaves. Look at the clip to see the question and follow the answer.

Bidet Of The Mistress

In this video clip, the slave has to wash the Mistress making a bidet.The slave still on his knees next to the bidet and Mistress course starts making a piss on the slave hand, Then makes wash and dry very thoroughly. When he gets up from bidet he sees them on his knees near the w.c. and It comes to mind to make put the slave’s head inside the toilet. Before holds him by the hand, then more and more sadistic begins to push the head inside the toilet with the foot. Not yet satisfied Mistress pulls water. For the slave is a wash of face. Of course, the Mistress does not avoid spitting in the mouth of the slave ….

Mizuki Dine And Dump 2

This time an amazing poop while standing. (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)

Laura Uses A Toilet To Pee – Mp4

Our sexy model Laura wears some hot red pieces of clothing. But not for long! Soon she starts to undress and shows you her sexy body! But that’s not all you want to see, is it? So she moves to the toilet and stands above it. She bows over a little bit and then starts to pee! Ahh, much better! But there is still some pee in her! So she sits down and presses the last drips out of her sexy pussy ? THAT’S what you want to see, isn’t it…?