Ggg German Piss Andrea

Toilet Time 21

Time for some very nasty smelling diarrhea. Those thin runny shits I’m so popular for that some of you love so much. See this very nasty bowel movement running out of me as I have the shits

S_cat Woman P4 Hd Version

Now he is there the toilet slave and is again confronted with a pile of shit, which should eat. When Mistress Michelle pushes the shit into the throat of the slave, the toilet slave suddenly begins to spits the crap out again. No problem for Mistress Michelle. She takes the shit and puts back on his mouth and makes it clear to him that if he should puke again, he must immediately eat his own puke. The shit looks like a gag. The new Scat Lady in the Catsuit spit on the pile of shit and begins to wank his cock. Unfortunately, the Scatqueens must realize that the slave can not cum. As a punishment he has to wank all day.

Making A Delicious Texmex Poo Sandwich!

I know how much you guys like when I make yummy treats for you…this time we’re going to the deep south of the United States to bring you the TexMex Poo Sandwich! Watch me poo and pee on a plate then I grab the poo with my fingers and place it on one bun. Sprinkle some onions and tomatoes on it before topping it off with some Pace Picante Sauce, spicy!!! It looked so yummy I wanted to eat the damn sandwich! LOL!!!