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Mistress Lilly Perfect Gifts For Christmas – Shitting

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Ms Jenkins Bubblebutt And Bubbleguts Assault!

Ms Jenkins has come through with her longest and arguably best collection of clips she has ever done!!! She delivers the goods in nine action packed scenes!!! She is right in the running for Best ass without a question. She?s also in the running for who makes the best shits!!! She leads the site in toilet destruction, as her water splashing plops are second to none!! Did I mention that ass!!? This 30 year old is one of my best recruits ever!! Enjoy her collection from multiple angles. Overhead, sideways, rearview, and directly behind the toilet seat. Plenty of ways to see her Chocolate Booty let out some massive Hershey Bars!

User Thick Pile Shitting In The Mouth!

Had hit me with a user who wanted to free my delicious shit times. He wanted to be brought up by me to the absolute toilet slave. This was for him the first time that someone shits in his mouth. No problem was, pooped him a big pile in his mouth and he has also nice eaten my shit. I then also still pissed him into his mouth full of shit. This has made him so horny that he pointed it. Well, who would sometimes cost my treats?

Underground Toilet Slave Part 7

This Movie was the first real cruel Movie we made. It smelled so bad and the Slave was dizzy after the 4th Girl and wanted out, but since he was tied up underneath and our Weight kept him in Place, I just kicked him in the Face and told him: ‘Shut up, You will finish this fucking Movie!’ After the Movie, he said, never again. But he is still here Part 7 with Wendy. English Subtitles