Giant Girl Poopoing

Public Shitting On The Beach!

She’s hanging out at the beach with her friends when she suddenly feel her stomach grumbling. Panicking, she runs to the nearest toilet, only to find it occuppied. With no other choice, she finds a deserted spot and squats over the grass. She prepares to unleash a stream of diarrhea right then and there.

My Mistresses Piss, Puke, And Shit All Over Me – Part 1

They piss on a cup and make me drink it to the last drop! They poke their throats with their fingers and puke today’s lunch all over my pathetic body!

Geneva’s Quick Dump!!

Geneva Had to sneak off at her daycare to drop some nasty pieces of shit in the Pool!! Enjoy this great quick fart, shart and plop clip as she lets rip in the bowl!

Teddys Final Scene

Teddy has been used and abuse for months now, but this was the final act for him. I beat him, ripped at him, tore him open, pissed on his torn and broken body and then as the final act of disgrace for this poor teddy bear, I put him in the toilet and dropped a huge shit right on top of him.