Giel Anal Poop

Women’s Club Shit In His Face And Torture Him!

Shouted, slapped, kicked, insulted, humiliated, spit on, trampled and laughed at it. Unbelievable what the guy has to endure. Because he does not manage to swallow all the shit, he is always verbally driven to it! They just sit down on his fucking face and stand in the middle of his face! He almost suffocates under the shit that is pressed deep into his mouth. Feet also replenished. Again and again he is shouting and laughing loudly. The shit smeared feet and asses, of course, he must also lick clean.

Double Shit In The Mouth

Miss Jane sits on her slave’s skull and controls his air supply, while I notice a pressure in my belly. Jane has to borrow her slave to me, so I can relieve myself. The loser is parrying quite well, at least he does not need long time to eat my shit, but to his misfortune now Miss Jane poops also, so he immediately gets a further look. For better slippiness I pee in his mouth and to make him remember us for a while, we scratch his back with our heels.

Elegant Model Shitting

A fantastic whiteskin model is doing a great poo!!