Giels Shitting

Nightly Diarrhea

It’s been a hard day’s night! I tried to sleep, but I could not. So I wanted to take a shower. When I entered the bathroom, the slave was waiting for me in his usual place. He is my toilet! So I took a shower and made the slave kiss my pretty legs, lick my anus deep with his tongue, and open his mouth. Open it wide and don’t close it until I finish shit. The smell was terrible, because I ate a lot of cherries and plums – my shit was liquid. But my toilet slave likes me when I have diarrhea. After the toilet he licked my ass clean. I used his tongue as toilet paper. And I went to sleep!

Rubbed Tits With Shit

Today my shot is very creamy. I shit in the shower and rub my beautiful tits with it and my entire upper body

Pussy Licking, Ass And Shit Eating!

Slave is lying down under his Mistress’s special toilet stool and awaits her to sit there. When his Mistress sits he immediately eats her pussy and warm up her ass hole by licking it non stop then Mistress drops a shit for him to eat too!