Gils Pooing On Bed

Pissing On The Balcony (mp4)

Midsummer’s day. The sun is hot: Mistress Melissa drinks a lot and, obviously, piss proportionally. So, she goes to the balcony and fills an entire glass with her precious orange-yellowish nectar. If you look carefully, you can easily see that it’s totally full of pee! Would you like to drink it all? Mistress Melissa agrees but …. but not from the glass – it would be too comfortable and dignified – it’s better to lick it directly from a bowl as an animal would do.

Mistress Emily – Using Toilet Slave

How wonderful to have a permanent toilet slave in the property, ready to eat my shit every time. I’m just using his mouth like a toilet. He clean my shoes and lick my ass. Look at this and enjoy.

Abducted To Produce Scat – Part 1

They were tied and made to observe what’s happening around them. They saw girls tied up, naked, and made to produce scat for some mysterious purpose.

Scatboy Must Be Trained P1

Together with Lisa we are using another toilet slave who is a little bit stupid. He comes to us and cant manage anything, so we use him as a toilet.