Gir Got Vomitted

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Zelda Is All Action!!

Zelda is back yet again!! I wasnÂ’t joking when I called this woman a certified pooping machine!! Enjoy a new lucky seven pack of action packed clips!!! Zelda gets straight to the action in these clips. Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide then releases the FUNKY Browns this lil mama is know for!! It still amazes me how suck a short petite woman can shit like this!!! Zelda has become one of my most popular ladies and each clip she is steadily rising to the #1 slot!! Another great all action set. A nice mix of peeing, plops and diarrhea as well!!

Housewife Prepares Poop Pork Curry For Hubby! – Part 3

He eats the disgusting meal with gusto and makes her eat it as well. She almost pukes and doesn’t want to touch it, but he insists. She has to eat her own shit and she has to pretend to enjoy it.

Hey Toilet Slave We Are Ready Part 2

Here the Girls sit on the Slave, tie his arms up and sit on his arms over his Head to poop into his face and make him eat it. After several Girls he can’t take it anymore and pukes and pukes. For the Girls, this is hilarious. Part 2 English Subtitles