Girl Accidently Shit Herself

Scat Goddess Ashtray And Dirty Socks In Mouth

Scat Goddess strike with another bizarre movie. She love to play with her toilet and today was socks cleaning time. She use her toilet in her kitchen and oblige him to smell, clean, lick and suck her dirty socks, all before she use him as ashtray in bathtub, with a huge turd in his throat. She smoke and feed her toilet and order him to become a dirty pig for her, if he wants to cumm today. Soon Scat Goddess will begin a shit challange but you will be informed about that soon….

Mistress Roberta -spoon Feeding After Serving – Full

Today my slave will be used and abused for my fun first i trample him a bit after i tease and deny him with the chastity key and i play with his nipple trample him facesitting him and after i take the bowl i want to feed him from .I take the plastic bowl pee in it give him a bit to drink and the rest spill it on his body and after i shit in the bowl and spoon feed him after i play a bit with him and tease him, enjoy.

Pee Extrem!

Pee EXTREM for my slave.

Shit Eating And Piss Drinking Through Yellow Panty

Mistress keep tryin’ to surprise me day after day. She says : You will beg me to taste my shit through my panties toilet . . . and she was right !!! She tease me in a yellow pair of new panties, facesiting me, smother me, asphixiate me with her gorgeous ass, then shitting in her panty, making me lick her shit through them, and piss in them. A mixed piss and diarrhea was exactly what a slave need from a godess !!!