Girl Bathroom Pee Boxers

Francesca’s Painful Booty Snakes

I swear I love watching Francesca take a dump…Nobody makes the same genuine facial expressions and sounds that this lovely BBW does while dropping the in the pool!! I used to swear she was acting, until I caught a whiff and an up close look at what she shitted out one time when we were together!! Good Grief!! While y’all can’t smell the HOT FUNK this woman cooks up, you can definitely take a look!!! Enjoy Three painful dumps from Francesca in these three clips. She even comments on how bad her asshole hurt!! When you see what came out of her you will understand why!!

Peeing In Doggystyle

Peeing in doggystyle (JJ000581)

Mistress Gaia – Focus On My Pussy

Focus on my pussy, you like it when I move my beautiful ass? Not only these are my wonders, but they are very different to be mine, you have to, at least once in your life, kissing my shit.