Girl Brushes Teeth With Poop

Mistress Gaia – Vegetarian Horderves In Bondage

CUSTOM REQUEST – Your slave sits on the floor, his hands are tied to his back with an armbinder, his ankles are tied with a spreader bar, his head is also fixed by a leash on his collar. In addition, his eyes are blindfolded and he is gagged. You enter the room and go to him and kick him in the balls and spit in his face and tell him mockingly that is now feeding time. Then you urinate in a glass / jug and defecate on a plate. Then you take the plate and hold the plate with your caviar very close under the slave’s nose and order him to smell it. Now you remove the gag and hold the glass with your champagne to the slave’s mouth and order him to drink it. You keep pouring ruthlessly. Then you take a piece of caviar from the plate with your gloved hand. You order the slave to open his mouth and you stuff the caviar into the slave’s mouth and order him to chew and swallow the caviar. While he’s chewing, you press your hand firmly on his mouth. In this same way he has to eat all your caviar in-between you let him drink from your champagne too. Each time before you push the caviar into his mouth again, you always let him smell the caviar first. Once he has eaten all your caviar, you put the gag back on. Then you give him some kicks in the balls and spit on him before you leave the room. àPlease let the feeding have the character of a feeding and mouth stuffing.

Hot Wet Shit After A Tummyache

I had a brutal tummyache! What did I eat? The spicy food, the booze, the caffeine? Who knows, all I know is that I was cramping and it was hot coming out! This one felt amazing to push out of me – and there was lots, it just kept coming and coming! I even repay the shitting closer up a second time so you can really see it and listen to the wet sloppy sounds it makes while sputtering and pushing out of me. After I go and my bellyache is taken care of, I wipe and explore the pile of shit with my fingers. There’s hard turds from the beginning of the shit, then tons and tons of creamy hot mushy shit. It’s a little grainy from food but still lovely to feel.

Japanese Porn Star Fuck And Pee 2-7

There is a famous Japanese porno star fucking hard and nice pee.

Ariel Talks About Her Shit

Sexy Ariel Black talks about her ass, shit and shit hole. Dirty and messy farts just for you to enjoy. Dark brown and smelly.