Girl Caught By Peeing And Pooping

Student Scats For Extra Cash!

She wants to buy that expensive iPhone but her parents refuse to give her the cash. She has to raise the dough on her on, asap. What better way than to take off her clothes and scat for the perv man next door? She takes off her pants and squats over a glass bowl to pee on it. She removes all her clothes, squats over some tissue paper on the floor, and then ejects bits of poop on it. He fingers her ass so she can produce more shit. She does so and holds up the mounds of shit for him to inspect.

The Queen Of The Urine And Saliva All Slave To Drink

The queen to the slaves in your mouth spit, the queen to urinate in the slave’s mouth. Let the slave lick urine clean

Piss Swallow -diana-j’rgen Scene-1

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.