Girl Chewing And Swallowing Shit

Ichika’s Golden Interview – Part 1

Ichika’s eyes glazed over when she heard the words “play with your pussy” from the strange man, the Boss. As her two fingers entered her wet hole, she thought of all the times that she wanted to fuck a complete stranger, heat started to cover her entire head. Her soft hair cascaded down her breasts as she continued finger-fucking herself, making her pee hole ripe and ready, too. Removing her panties completely, Ichika wanted to give this strange man the salty, golden goodness he’s been craving for…

I Live For My Mistress’ Scat And Puke! Non

A busy man such as myself needs something crazy to do to keep me sane. In my case, I keep a chick on the side and she keeps me supplied with the things I hold dear in life – scat and puke. Yes, I live for every drop of her disgusting bodily waste. Right now, she a stream of puke exploded from her mouth and rained down on me, just the way I like it. Then she takes of her soiled panties and makes me lick off the smelly scat on it.

In Pain, Thick Turd Squeezed Out

Wow is that thick! That hurts …. my asshole is just too tight. But is closely you know, good and not too tight there: P The sausage has to go … either way

Help Me Slave, I Cant Poop Part 4 Adison

The Girls find out talking about it that secretly most Girls use the Slaves Tounge to trigger the pooping Sensation. They have the Slave put his Tounge in their Anus and then it is just so much easier to poop. English Subtitles