Girl Chews And Swallow Shit

Special Shower For My Slave – Mp4

My slave loves my pee and ashes, I passed him both in his useless face and ugly body.

New Studio Toilet

Our new studio toilet could work really well. But it is a rebellious slave under it, the seemingly much has still necessary to education. Actually, it would be an honor for our slave, to be allowed to swallow the golden shower of mine, Miss Cherrie and Miss Jane. Maybe the two liters of piss and spit were too much for his inexperienced mouth. It has not helped him to fight back. Although we had to use the whip, but ultimately the slave understands that it is better to be working right.

Cute Pissing Chick Jess – Mp4

Jess is a real cutie and starts to strip slowly in the bath tub. Once she’s fully naked she spreads her legs and starts to piss right into the bath tub. Her hot yellow stream flows out of her sexy pink pussy. After a while her stream turns into little drips and she cleans her pussy under the shower.