Girl Crying Shit Eat

Mistress Gaia – My Pov Scat Slave

ITALIAN SPOKENYou are my scat slave. So I’m going to make you eat my shit and smell my farts. As you can see I’m right in your face and there’s nothing you can do. Your my slut, and I want you to open that mouth of yours… WIDER!! I’m going to fill your mouth with shit, and I want you to chew it, then swallow it. You can wash it down with some of my SPIT! I even allow you to taste what’s left of my chewing gum, as I spit it right into your shit mouth. Then you get to taste my soiled panties. Get your tongue out bitch, and lick the moisture off them. Necter don’t you think. Now stay down bitch. You are so fortunate to be under may ass, and experience the pleasure of Goddess Mistress Gaia.

Unsuspecting Admirer Fed Ass And Drenched In Piss! – Part 2

The lady continues thrusting her pussy back and forth on the man’s face! Eventually, she releases her grasp of him but then begins pissing on his head! She drenches him with her urine before serving her vagina back into his mouth to make him swallow a couple of mouthfuls!

Shiny Tights Poop

Sexy farting ,body,ass teasing and pooping aughty in sexy shiny tights!

We’ll Take It All Away

Along with Miss Cherie and Sweet Baby I overwhelm a stinking, drunk, homeless bum. This fucking guy had it even money * laugh *. We have of course taken from him and harassed him look for his miserable. Its mouth he could only open to swallow my piss and the vomit of Miss Cherie.Its mouth he could only open to swallow my piss and the vomit of Miss Cherie. Our snot and a pair of kicks, there was this victim still free to * laugh *.