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Goddess Tedddy Pooping

Goddess in sexy teddy and stocking is messy pooping,rubbing her pussy!

Scat Donation Into The Slaves’ Mouth

A new slave has applied to the Contessa as a toilet. First, the Contessa examines the tail and the slaves’ eggs to check whether it is useful. After this examination has turned out to be positive, it binds the eggs and the tail tightly. So prepared, he must first drink their delicious natural drink directly from the source. As he fulfills this task satisfactorily, he can receive their divine caviar directly from their wonderfully shaped buttocks. Without fail he receives the scat greedily. To the reward that he has fulfilled his task as a toilet, Contessa allows the slave to wank until he come.

Mistress Gaia – Prisoner Pee Time

I have my prisoner in a compartment in the dungeon. She thinks she is going to be allowed out for some exercise. However, I have other ideas in mind. earlier she said she was thirsty and asked for something to drink. I told her to crawl out into the light and I would wet her taste buds. As she helplessly looks up at me. I tell her I’m going to give her something to drink. She has to open her mouth nice and wide for me. As it’s a hot day, I remove my clothes. I stand over my slut, and have a good piss into her open mouth. What a enjoyable relief for me as I watch her swallow my amber nectar. I’m sure her thirst is well and trully quenched…

Mistress Gaia Speed Pee

My slave today has really worked hard and has a tremendous thirst. I will piss in his mouth and he gobbles up large amounts of urine at an incredible speed! He was really thirsty my beast … I’m training really well: he knows he has to be fast and that his Mistress has no time to lose!To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia…