Girl Drink Piss In Ass

Goodness Grace’s Cup O’ Doodoo!!

It’s been a long, hot summer! But Goodness Grace is doing her part to keep it going!! It’s another Delicious Weekend Treat, as she is giving you a GENEROUS portion of her FUNKY soft serve!!! Grace is back with two more amazing treats!!! Her ass has been on fire all summer long, between her fart treats and her epic logs and this continues in that tradition!! Grace is here to give you two cups of uncut FUNK straight from the source! Enjoy as she squats and releases her usual monster logs. How she got all that in the cup in the 1st scene is amazing!! Enjoy as she begins pushing out a few nuggets before unfurling a cup filling footlong!! Looks like she been eating corn again, as she gets a great closeup of her work! She wasn’t done there as she saves the best for last!! In the second scene, she returns again to squat into a cup already filled with creamy corn. SHe says this is gonna be intense! before proving herself correct!! Out comes a big log, followed by some sharts and loose soft serve!! What a shitty, creamy mess now!! Enjoy as she has a little fun with this pile, Mixing the soup and scat all together!! So come all and get your Sunday treat!!

Cbt, Face Sitting And Shit Feeding With Mistress Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is using the pot the way she pleases so first she presses the cock and balls with her bare feet and after she does some face sitting and after a while she pee and shit in the slaves mouth pushing the shit down his troat with her hand so he can eat all the shit, enjoy!

Pretty Bitch Made Went Shit And Puke Galore! – Part 2

She shits and pees in bowl and he gathers all of it, greedily. She drinks from the bowl, taking in the disgusting mixture! She takes it further and dips her hands into the bowl. She spreads the disgusting liquid all over her body!