Girl Drinking Pee Boxers

Nasty Shit For The Slave

I didnt shit for 34 hours. And my girlfriend Laura strongly wants to shit. My slave was very lucky. So much stinky shit for him. I feed him down the throat and he gets a double portion too… Mmm…It so nasty! My best and biggest mouth shitting. My ass in close up . You can almost taste it . I shit often always very big…Enjoy ūüôā

Fresh Piss In The Heat Vol.2

Today it is again extremely warm and I just once again against the heat, a good sip of piss sensed and let it taste me. I have to say that it really helps if you drink fresh piss on the heat.

‘the Originals’ – A Compilation!!

Three years into this and I got to reminiscing!! Aaah The Memories!! Enjoy The very first compilation I did back in 2014 of all my Original Funkyladies from my old site ¬Ė but now a new low price!! Nearly 30 mins of classic clips Of my original favorite ladies. Contains the Topsellers Margaritavillan Bombs and Explosions, Melissa¬ís Public Toilet Adventures Continued, Lady Aria¬ís Dayum That Ass! Lil Stink¬ís Morning Relief, Francesca Gabriella¬ís Tits and Sh!ts Pt 2, Mz Maria Droppin Solids, and last but not least Ms D¬ís Squattin and Fartin. Seven Clips and nearly 30 minutes of action all in one!! Oldies for some, but brand new classics for those that just found out about us here on Scatshop!! Also at an even lower clip than on the other stores at only 19.99 for nearly 30 minutes of classics!!