Girl Eat Cat Shit

Ichika’s Golden Interview – Part 1

Ichika’s eyes glazed over when she heard the words “play with your pussy” from the strange man, the Boss. As her two fingers entered her wet hole, she thought of all the times that she wanted to fuck a complete stranger, heat started to cover her entire head. Her soft hair cascaded down her breasts as she continued finger-fucking herself, making her pee hole ripe and ready, too. Removing her panties completely, Ichika wanted to give this strange man the salty, golden goodness he’s been craving for…

Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia Again Came Up With Another Torture For Her Slave

She hung the slave by the legs, riveted his hands, placed his head under the toilet seat. Mia strangles the slave with her ass, pisses and shitsin his mouth and face, sits down on his shabby face. P.S. We shot an excellent video, we do not copy the videos of other studios, we make things up with no help, we try to do something new and unusual, and not just the ass of the lady and the mouth of the slave, it’s all old and not interesting for us! Also, the fans of our studio write us the script, and we are very grateful to them! The video was shot with 4 cameras, itturned out to be long, but cool. We selected the best shots from different cameras, I think the result turned out great! A little later we will make the full version, and two videos separately from each camera. You will like our new video, enjoy it! Write us.

Dappun Fast Food – Scat Burger & Flavored Drink!

Here at Dappun Fast Food we take good care of our customers and today we have a very demanding customer he wants a lot of things and all sorts. So enjoy a full scat burger, flavored juice and other extra services 🙂

Upset Stomach Contents Discharged Into Slaves Mouth

The prisoner is locked in his cell. He is humiliated by the cruel prison warden. She has an upset stomach and the acid is burning in her stomach. She needs to release this upset scat and the best place to get rid of this stomach bug is into the prisoners pathetic mouth. After consuming her bacteria he obeys her orders and cleans her up before being humiliated more as a show of the only appreciation he deserves. *SPECIAL DISCOUNT*