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Mistress Roberta – Shiting In Condom With Leather Pants-pov

Today i want to try to shit in one condom but because the shit is too soft it doesnÂ’t enter in the condom making my hands all dirty and spreading your tasty food on the floor so you may enjoy your breakfast today lieing in the shit and licking it clean from the floor .

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Training With Eating

Today my slave will get a very hard load of pee and an even harder lead to shit but he will eat it by being afraid he will upset me again so watch his struggle today in his toilet training as good

Diarrhea Attack!

She is dressed to party and strolling at the mall waiting for her girlfriends when she felt her stomach grumble. She pays it no mind but when her insides start to hurt, she knows she has to find the nearest restroom. Sweating profusely and her asshole threatening to spurt wet and sticky diarrhea, she sprints to the ladies room. She tries in vain to take her panties off but her scat beat her to it; it burst out of her anus and drops to the floor. The miserable girl has no choice but to take her panties off and use it to wipe the shit off the floor. She leaves the restroom sans panties and goes on to meet her friends.

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