Girl Eat Guy Shit

Parking Lot Pissing On The Floor

A1 and I were stuck in traffic again! At some point I finally made it to a parking lot, because I had to pee. I did not take the offered KLO! I take off my jeans dungarees and piss on the floor !!

Ste Sis On A Scat Marathon! – Part 2

After a few minutes, clumps of shit comes out of Lara’s ass! Paula spreads the shit all over that ass like mudpack!

Rachel Evans Piss 006

Rachel Evans is coming home from a party. She is kind of drunk and falls down on the couch. There she realizes that she needs her slave, because she needs to pee. The slave must lay down in front of her and Rachel sends her piss stream right into his mouth. The poor slave afterwards has to clean everything, while princess Rachel is playing with her tits.

Perfect Turd On The Ground From Amateur Girls Asshole

Perfect turd on the ground from amateur girls asshole