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We Pooped Ourselves In Front Of The Occupied Toilet!

It is already driving me crazy.Can’t hold it any longer.I can feel my poop,its about to come out but noooo,Jessy invited Elizabeth last night and now she is using our toilet.I hate her!She has been there since..phhh who knowss!Jessy is making her pooping face .I’m pretty sure she needs to poop also because her friend is staying there since decades! I’m gonna kill that bitch ,Jessy.Will take her out of the toilet. I go 3-4 times to knock on the door and the thing i get is. I’ll be out in a minute.. I’M DESPERATE!!!I JUST CAN’T!!!Jessy can’t stay on her legs.I see one diaper on the bed and throw it at her. Put it on.Lets find the another one…Well it could have been very good if we were able to find it but nooo.There is not such a thing as an extra diaper.The pressure is raising..I can’t no more.Im about to explode and I run to the toilet where (fartss) … OH,nooo!!!I just pooped! Jessy is filling her diaper.Such a smell,she is touching it.Gosh,I need to poop more and I’m doing it… Lets cum together.And after we gonna leave that mess infront of the door where Elizabeth will step on it for sure!hihihih

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